Therefore it follows, if the Word calls blessed the hunger of those who long for justice then He means to include all the other virtues. Hence a person is equally blessed if she hungers for good sense, courage, self-control, or anything else that may be considered a virtue. The nature of virtue is such that if one virtue is practiced independently of the other virtues, it is not perfect virtue because whenever one form is practiced in the absence of other virtues, their opposite will always fill in the void. The opposite of self-control is decadence, or the opposite of good sense is stupidity, and so with every idea of good there exists its opposite. 

As a result, if justice didn’t include the other virtues, what remained could not be called good. For it is highly unlikely that someone would say justice is idiotic or reckless, wicked or anything else identified with evil. It makes sense then if justice cannot be conceived as compatible with anything base then of course it embraces all that is good. So every virtue is summed up under the name of justice. And those who hunger and thirst for justice are dubbed blessed by the Word, who promises to fulfill their longings.