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As we take a bit of a break from dai­ly web­site posts to spend the hol­i­days with our fam­i­lies, we are glad to leave you with this charm­ing and pro­found insight from our board chair, Jon Bai­ley. We hope it bless­es your cel­e­bra­tion of the Birth.

Mer­ry Christ­mas and Hap­py New Year! See you on Jan­u­ary 2

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—Renovaré Team

On Christ­mas, God’s eter­nal life slipped into our world prac­ti­cal­ly unno­ticed and set in motion the great con­ceal­ment of the ages. For three decades, God grew — unhur­ried and unno­ticed. Patient­ly wait­ing to unveil His life to the world. Has the humil­i­ty of His hid­den­ness reg­is­tered? Has it tun­neled through all our cra­nial cement and lodged itself right in the cen­ter of our hearts? Can we pic­ture it? Can we even imag­ine it? It’s like Tolkien becom­ing the hob­bit or Lewis becom­ing the lion. The author writes him­self into the sto­ry. No, it’s more than that. The Cre­ator becomes the cre­ation. Have we let these thoughts move us? Have we let them knock us to the ground? Are we pay­ing atten­tion? If the Christ-life took decades to devel­op in our God, then per­haps we can rest as easy as He did. Per­haps we can live unhur­ried lives. Per­haps we can live con­tent with our unno­ticed-ness, our hid­den­ness, grow­ing in grace, grow­ing in God.

Paint­ing Holy Fam­i­ly with a Bird” is by Bar­tolomé Ese­ban Muril­lo and is in the pub­lic doman via Wiki­me­dia Com­mons.

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