Your only assign­ment, my dear daugh­ter, is to be strong in faith, no mat­ter what your weak­ness­es. When I am weak,” says Paul, then am I strong.” Strength is made per­fect in weak­ness. We are only strong in the Lord in pro­por­tion to the weak­ness we sense in our­selves. So your weak­ness will turn out to be your strength if you accept it humbly.

Some­times we are tempt­ed to believe that weak­ness and humil­i­ty are not com­pat­i­ble with the sur­ren­dered life. This is because we tend to think of sur­ren­der as that great thing we do when we want to show God how much we love Him, and how hero­ical­ly we are will­ing to sac­ri­fice every­thing. But a true sur­ren­der to God has noth­ing to do with such a flat­ter­ing descrip­tion as that.

Let me tell you what real sur­ren­der is. It is sim­ply rest­ing in the love of God, as a lit­tle baby rests in its mother’s arms. A per­fect sur­ren­der must even be will­ing to quit sur­ren­der­ing, if that is what God wants! We renounce our­selves, and yet, God nev­er lets us know when it is com­plete. If we knew, it would no longer be com­plete, for there is noth­ing that bol­sters the ego quite so much as know­ing that it is ful­ly surrendered!

Sur­ren­der con­sists, not in doing great, hero­ic deeds about which self can brag, but sim­ply in accept­ing what­ev­er God sends, and not seek­ing to change it (unless it is His will for it to be changed). Full sur­ren­der is full peace. If we are rest­less and con­cerned about things for­mer­ly renounced, we have not gen­uine­ly sur­ren­dered. Sur­ren­der is the source of true peace; if we aren’t at peace, it is because our sur­ren­der is not complete.

François Fénelon. 1973. Let Go: To Get Peace and Real Joy. New Kens­ing­ton, PA: Whitak­er House.

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