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I love L’Engle’s poetry for the way it incarnates not only the great Truths of the faith, but all the little truths of our ordinary existence—our working and playing and loving and fighting and dreaming and idling and all the rest of it—and for the way it shows us that those big and little truths should not, cannot, be separated.

Carolyn Arends
Director of Education, Renovaré

Within This Strange and Quickened Dust 

O God, within this strange and quickened dust
The beating heart controls the coursing blood
In discipline that holds in check the flood
But cannot stem corrosion and dark rust.

In flesh’s solitude I count it blest
That only you, my lord, can see my heart
With passion’s darkness tearing it apart
With storms of self, and tempests of unrest.

But your love breaks through blackness, bursts with light;
We separate ourselves, but you rebind
In Dayspring all our fragments; body, mind,
And spirit join, unite against the night.

Healed by your love, corruption and decay
Are turned, and whole, we greet the light of day.

Ready for Silence

Then hear now the silence
He comes in the silence
in silence he enters
the womb of the bearer
in silence he goes to
the realm of the shadows
redeeming and shriving
in silence he moves from
the grave cloths, the dark tomb
in silence he rises
ascends to the glory
leaving his promise
leaving his comfort
leaving his silence

So come now, Lord Jesus
Come in your silence
breaking our noising
laughter of panic
breaking this earth’s time
breaking us breaking us
quickly Lord Jesus
make no long tarrying

When will you come
and how will you come
and will we be ready
for silence
your silence

Temper my intemperance

Temper my intemperance, O Lord,
O hallowed, O adored,
My heart’s creator, mighty, wild,
Temper Thy bewildered child.
Blaze my eye and blast my ear,
Let me never fear to fear
Nor forget what I have heard,

Even your voice, my Lord,
Even your Word.

Poems excerpted from Weather of the Heart by Madeleine L’Engle, © 2000 Shaw Books, and from The Ordering of Love by Madeleine L’Engle, © 2005 Crown Publishing.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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