As Richard Foster approaches a milestone birthday (the three-quarters of a century mark), he has just one request: If we’re going to celebrate my birthday — if you want to — find $75 and give it to the poor.

And so we are announcing a Renovaré anti-fundraising fundraiser — not for our ministry, but for people in need, face-to-face, right in your community. Richard joined Nathan on the podcast this week to share more about the vision.

Inspired in part by a secret drawer in John Wesley’s desk that housed a weekly offering from his disciples for the poor, Richard is asking us to visit the secret places in our own hearts and wallets and find some relief for someone in need — whether financial relief of $75 or spiritual relief by spending 75 minutes of time. As he said in the podcast, I felt God encouraged me to always encourage Renovaré people to remember the poor. Why don’t we just have a little fun finding ways to remember the poor or those in need? Giving money or presence.” 

We are planning to have fun with this experiment, indeed. In fact, as Nathan mentioned on the podcast, we have set up a toll-free line (1 – 844-RENEW88) so that we can hear your stories about engaging in this birthday celebration. You also have the option to email your story to Justine ([email protected]). Please do call or email us and let us know what you did and how it went. Nathan will share these stories in a future podcast with his dad. 

Thank you, dear readers, for being a part of the Renovaré family. We are excited to see how God uses this quirky idea to bring blessings to the givers and recipients. We can hardly wait to hear your story. The line will be open until April 25. 1 – 844-RENEW88. Or [email protected]