Excerpt from Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home

Moses was one of the world’s great inter­ces­sors, and one par­tic­u­lar inci­dent in his life pro­vides a mag­nif­i­cent mod­el for us in our con­tin­u­ing work of inter­ces­sion. On this occa­sion the Amalekites had engaged the chil­dren of Israel in bat­tle (Exo­dus 17:8 – 13). The mil­i­tary strat­e­gy of Moses was strange and pow­er­ful. He had Joshua lead the army into the val­ley to fight the bat­tle. Moses him­self went to the top of a hill over­look­ing the bat­tle­ground with his two lieu­tenants, Aaron and Hur. While Joshua engaged in phys­i­cal com­bat, Moses engaged in spir­i­tu­al com­bat by rais­ing hands of prayer over the con­flict. Evi­dent­ly Moses had the hard­er task, for he was the one who was tired. Aaron and Hur had to step in and hold up Moses’ arms until the sun set.

In the mil­i­tary annals Joshua was the com­man­der who won the vic­to­ry that day. He was the per­son up front and in the thick of the con­flict. But you and I know the rest of the sto­ry. Back behind the scenes the bat­tle of inter­ces­sion was won by Moses and Aaron and Hur. Each role was essen­tial for vic­to­ry. Joshua was need­ed to lead the charge. Moses was need­ed to inter­cede on behalf of the chil­dren of Israel. Aaron and Hur were need­ed to assist Moses as he grew weary.

What Moses and Aaron and Hur did on that day is the work all of us are called upon to under­take. We are not all asked to be pub­lic lead­ers, but all of us are to engage in Inter­ces­so­ry Prayer. And as P.T. Forsyth reminds us, The deep­er we go down into the val­ley of deci­sion the high­er we must rise … into the mount of prayer, and we must hold up the hands of those whose chief con­cern is to pre­vail with God.”

Excerpt­ed from Prayer: Find­ing the Heart’s True Home by Richard J. Fos­ter (New York: Harper­One, 1992), pp. 191 – 192.

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