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In order to spend time with friends and fam­i­ly and in rest and wor­ship this Christ­mas­tide, we are clos­ing the Ren­o­varé offices Decem­ber 23 — Jan­u­ary 1. We will be back to dai­ly post­ings begin­ning on Jan­u­ary 2

We wish you Christ­mas joy and every bless­ing of the season. 

—Renovaré Team

Sleep now, lit­tle one.
I’ll watch while you and your moth­er sleep.
I wish I could do more.
This straw is not good enough for you.

Back in Nazareth I’ll make a prop­er bed for you of sea­soned wood, smooth, strong, well-pegged. 

A bed fit for a car­pen­ter’s son. 

Just wait till we get back to Nazareth.
I’ll teach you every­thing I know.

You’ll learn to choose the cedar wood, euca­lyp­tus and fir. You’ll learn to use the draw­shave, ax and saw. 

Your arms will grow strong, your hands rough – like these. You will bear the pun­gent smell of new wood and wear shav­ings and saw­dust in your hair. 

You’ll be a man whose life cen­ters on ham­mer and nails and wood. 

But for now,
Sleep, lit­tle Jesus, sleep.

Ron Klug, Joseph’s Lul­la­by,” Deci­sion, Decem­ber 1973.

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