From the Renovaré Newsletter Archive

The selection below is from a November 1993 Renovaré newsletter. Download a PDF of the original newsletter.

Dear Friends,

Today I resonate with Paul’s pastoral joy, I thank my God upon every remembrance of you”, and his pastoral concern that Christ be formed in you” (Phil. 1:3, Gal. 4:19). Some who receive this letter I know well for you’ve shared with me the agony and the ecstasy of your soul. Many I’ve met on one trip or another, and while our contact has been brief, it has also been significant. Others I have never met personally, but, even so, I feel gratitude for you and concern that Christ be formed in you. 

Never forget that Jesus Christ is your ever-living Savior, Teacher, Lord, and Friend. As Savior he redeems and heals us from the sins and sorrows of the past. As Teacher he guides and directs, reproves and corrects, draws and encourages. As Lord he takes his rightful place as commander-in-chief over our lives that we might always walk in holy obedience. As Friend he comes alongside of us, suffering with us and giving us deep joy. Always, always stay close to him. 


After a long process of seeking the Spirit’s mind we have come to clearness regarding the relocation of RENOVARÉ. In July of 1994 we hope to move to Castle Rock, Colorado, just south of Denver. (From now until April 1 we will work on the feasibility of relocation — cost, housing, etc.) We had several gracious invitations from around the country and wish we could have accepted them all. 

Castle Rock was chosen for many reasons (family needs, etc.) but none were more important than proximity to the new Denver International airport that is due to open soon. The airports of our great cities are the trade routes of the modern world, making those cities the new ports of entry for people and ideas. Just as the Apostle Paul positioned himself at the center of the great trade routes of his day, so we hope to position RENOVARÉ at a crucial crossroads of our country so that we can serve people better and have as useful an influence as possible. 


I spent considerable time this last summer in ministry among Christians along the Pacific rim. As much as anything else I wanted to learn from these dedicated sisters and brothers how to live for Christ. I met with pastors, seminary professors, theology students, and wonderfully gifted lay leaders. At one retreat for pastors in Hong Kong I completely lost my voice, and my translator took over for me, leading one of the most moving worship and teaching sessions I have ever been in. At another retreat for Methodist leaders in Singapore I heard the hymns of Charles Wesley sung as they were written to be sung! It was powerful and wonderful and joyful and spiritful. I was greatly encouraged by what I saw and learned. Not that believers in Asia are devoid of problems, but almost all their problems are in the right direction. They are not fascinated with technique; rather they are seeking and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit. I would estimate that they are ahead of Christians in the West by several years in their understanding and experience of Christian spirituality and spiritual formation. They have a long way to go but in several crucial areas they are miles ahead of us. We should thank God for the powerful movements of the Spirit among our brothers and sisters in Asia and be willing to learn from them.

As you know, the countries of the Pacific rim are on the rise — and they know it. Their influence in world economies, business enterprise, and belief systems will only increase. May we be faithful to pray for Christian believers in these countries as they face complex problems and growing opportunities. 


Last spring I mentioned to you the opportunity I had of doing brief daily radio talks which would be broadcast through about 45 mid-sized outlets for a reasonable cost. I am deeply moved by your response and all the monies needed to do this have come in. We take this as guidance to move forward. I will begin January 1. We are doing this for six months only and intend to stop at that time, though, of course, we will evaluate this decision at that point. The actual radio stations and cities are listed on the back of this letter. 


I am finding it hard to put into words my thanks to you and so many others who believe in us and have so generously supported our efforts. When we stepped out in faith, believing that God wanted us to work for the renewal of the Church, we had God and a laser printer! I did not know if there would be the money to cover expenses or salaries beyond a month or two. And yet here we are more than five years later thanking God for never having to incur debt and with a small financial surplus. 

I would never want to discourage people from giving to the RENOVARÉ renewal effort, and even now I welcome your contribution. But in thanksgiving to God I also want to mention three other ministries that I believe deserve your generous support. Each one is making a significant contribution to the renewal of the Church in all her multi-faceted expressions. If you are considering a year-end gift, these efforts would greatly benefit from your help. 

John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development, 1581 Navarro Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103. John Perkins heads this work that helps empower people in the cities to be self-sustaining and self-determining. 

Our Lady’s Youth Center, P. O. Box 1422, El Paso, TX 79948. Father Rick Thomas gives leadership to this multi-faceted ministry to the peoples of Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas. 

The Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement Ltd., Flat B, 1/F, 4 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Pastor Yu is the director of this work which helps to equip pastors and other leaders throughout Hong Kong and beyond. 


People get onto our database in several ways. Most of you are there because you have responded to the call of costly discipleship embodied in the RENOVARÉ covenant. If you have never taken this step of commitment, I invite you to do so. Check and mail the attached form and we will send you the appropriate materials for your prayerful consideration. Without apology I urge you to use this means of expressing your discipleship to Christ and his kingdom. 

Others of you are on our mailing list because you attended a RENOVARÉ retreat or purchased a RENOVARÉ product or a friend asked that your name be added to the list. If you want our mailings, we want you to have them. But we never want our attempts at inclusion to be invasive. If you were inadvertently placed on our list and would not like to be there, do let us know by checking the attached form and sending it to us. We will be sure to honor your request. 

Again, thank you, and may this Christmas and New Years season be especially blessed as you remember Christ’s coming and make bold new plans in his name for the future. 

Peace and joy, 

Richard J. Foster 

Text First Published November 1993