Introductory Note:

In continuing to look at discipleship to Christ this week, we offer this little excerpt from D.L. Moody’s Wondrous Love and Other Gospel Addresses. He exhorts us as Christians to walk in Christ’s light, thus becoming lights ourselves as we imitate his ways and discover his heart.

Also included is a warning not to become a stumbling-block for others by an un-Christlike walk. As a first century scholar would learn from his rabbi by embracing life fully within the presence of his master, may we be kept from the darkness by our constant presence in the company of Christ who is the light of this world.

Renovaré Team

I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” He shall have the very light of life.” Yes, it is the privilege of every Christian to walk in an unclouded sky.

But do we walk thus in an unclouded sky? No, most Christians are often in darkness. If I were to ask this congregation if they were all walking in the light, I believe there is scarcely one, if he spoke the true feeling of his heart, but would reply, No, I am often in darkness.” Why is that? It is because we are not following Christ, and keeping close to Him. We are much in darkness when we might be in the light.

Suppose the windows of this building were all closed, and we were complaining of the darkness, what would any one say to us? Why, they would say, Admit the light; open the windows all round, and you’ll soon have plenty of light.” Similarly we must let in Christ, who is the light, and open our minds to receive Him, and we shall soon walk in light. There is a great deal of darkness at the present time, even in the hearts of God’s own people. But follow Him, and then you will have plenty of light. Then Christ will show to each of us that He is The Light”; and He will do more, He will set us on fire with His light, that we also may shine as lights in this dark world.

May God help His own people to shine brightly — to flash out of darkness, that men may take knowledge of us that we have been with Jesus. But remember, the world hates the light. Christ was the light of the world, and the world sought to extinguish it at Calvary. Now He has left His people to shine. Ye are the light of the world.” He has left us here to shine. He means us to be living epistles, known and read of all men.” The world is certain to watch, and to read you and me. If we are inconsistent, then you may be sure the world will take occasion to stumble at us.

The world finds plenty of difficulties on the way; let us see that we Christians do not add more stumbling-blocks by our un-Christlike walk. God help us to keep our lights burning clear and brilliant! Out West a friend of mine was walking along one of the streets one dark night, and saw approaching him a man with a lantern. As he came up close to him he noticed by the bright light that the man had got no eyes. He went past, but the thought struck him, Surely that man is blind.” He turned round, and said, My friend, are you not blind?” Yes.” Then what have you got the lantern for?” I carry the lantern that people may not stumble over me, of course,” said the blind man. Let us take a lesson from that blind man, and hold up our light, burning with the clear radiance of heaven, that men may not stumble over us.

Excerpted from Wondrous Love and Other Gospel Addresses (1876), Christ, All in All.” In public domain, via Project Gutenberg.