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One of the quick­est and least pleas­ant ways of form­ing a sense of humil­i­ty is to be cor­rect­ed in our errors by a broth­er or sis­ter. Clement of Rome reminds us of the neces­si­ty, though, of lov­ing cor­rec­tion with­in the Chris­t­ian com­mu­ni­ty so that we all may bet­ter con­form to the per­fect will of God.

—Renovaré Team

Let us then also pray for those who have fall­en into any sin, that meek­ness and humil­i­ty may be giv­en to them, so that they may sub­mit, not unto us, but to the will of God. For in this way they shall secure a fruit­ful and per­fect remem­brance from us, with sym­pa­thy for them, both in our prayers to God, and our men­tion of them to the saints. Let us receive cor­rec­tion, beloved, on account of which no one should feel displeased. 

Those exhor­ta­tions by which we admon­ish one anoth­er are both good [in them­selves] and high­ly prof­itable, for they tend to unite us to the will of God. For thus saith the holy Word: 

The Lord hath severe­ly chas­tened me, yet hath not giv­en me over to death” (Psalm 118:18).

For whom the Lord loveth He chas­teneth, and scour­geth every son whom He receiveth” (Hebrews 12:6).

The right­eous,” saith it, shall chas­ten me in mer­cy, and reprove me; but let not the oil of sin­ners make fat my head” (Psalm 141:5).

And again he saith, Blessed is the man whom the Lord reproveth, and reject not thou the warn­ing of the Almighty. For He caus­es sor­row, and again restores [to glad­ness]; He woundeth, and His hands make whole. He shall deliv­er thee in six trou­bles, yea, in the sev­enth no evil shall touch thee. In famine He shall res­cue thee from death, and in war He shall free thee from the pow­er of the sword. From the scourge of the tongue will He hide thee, and thou shalt not fear when evil cometh. Thou shalt laugh at the unright­eous and the wicked, and shalt not be afraid of the beasts of the field. For the wild beasts shall be at peace with thee: then shalt thou know that thy house shall be in peace, and the habi­ta­tion of thy taber­na­cle shall not fail? Thou shall know also that thy seed shall be great, and thy chil­dren like the grass of the field. And thou shall come to the grave like ripened corn which is reaped in its sea­son, or like a heap of the thresh­ing-floor which is gath­ered togeth­er at the prop­er time” (Job 5:17 – 26). 

Ye see, beloved, that pro­tec­tion is afford­ed to those that are chas­tened of the Lord; for since God is good, He cor­rects us, that we may be admon­ished by His holy chastisement.

Excerpt­ed from Clemen­t’s first let­ter to the Corinthi­ans (Chap. LVI. Let us admon­ish and cor­rect one anoth­er), via the EWTN Library.

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