Introductory Note:

Poetry says something in the least amount of words possible. This letter from Fénelon reads like a poem, each line a feast of truth and love. Even his rebukes taste good going down.

Read slowly and savor. It’s too rich to gulp down.

Brian Morykon

Excerpt from The Seeking Heart

I hear you are sick. I suffer with you for I dearly love you. Still, I cannot help but kiss the hand that allows this illness. I pray that you will lovingly kiss it with me. You have abused your good health and this is the result. 

God will not only show you how physically weak you are, but how spiritually weak you are without Him. How strong you will be when you see that you are completely weak. Then you will always be able to believe that you are mistaken. Open yourself to the insight of others. Do not be dogmatic. Speak the truth simply.

Allow others to evaluate you, but judge no one. Offer advice only to those who ask for it. Mention the faults of others without being heavy-handed or legalistic. And do not speak to gain a good reputation for yourself.

I pray that God will keep you faithful to His grace. He that has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).

Patiently bear with yourself. Give to the Lord all that annoys you. Do this quietly and peacefully. And do not expect things to change in a single day.

Think little and do much. If you are not careful, you will acquire so much knowledge that you will need another lifetime to put it all into practice. There is danger in thinking that you are perfect simply because you understand what it would be like to be perfect. All your beautiful theories do not help you die to yourself. Knowledge nourishes the life of Adam in you because you secretly delight in your revelation. Never trust your own power or your own knowledge. Be humble. Do not trust your old nature.

Taken from The Seeking Heart, published 1992 by The SeedSowers.

Photo Credit: IZANBAR