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Poet­ry says some­thing in the least amount of words pos­si­ble. This let­ter from Fénelon reads like a poem, each line a feast of truth and love. Even his rebukes taste good going down.

Read slow­ly and savor. It’s too rich to gulp down.

—Brian Morykon

Excerpt from The Seeking Heart

I hear you are sick. I suf­fer with you for I dear­ly love you. Still, I can­not help but kiss the hand that allows this ill­ness. I pray that you will lov­ing­ly kiss it with me. You have abused your good health and this is the result. 

God will not only show you how phys­i­cal­ly weak you are, but how spir­i­tu­al­ly weak you are with­out Him. How strong you will be when you see that you are com­plete­ly weak. Then you will always be able to believe that you are mis­tak­en. Open your­self to the insight of oth­ers. Do not be dog­mat­ic. Speak the truth simply.

Allow oth­ers to eval­u­ate you, but judge no one. Offer advice only to those who ask for it. Men­tion the faults of oth­ers with­out being heavy-hand­ed or legal­is­tic. And do not speak to gain a good rep­u­ta­tion for yourself.

I pray that God will keep you faith­ful to His grace. He that has begun a good work in you will per­form it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philip­pi­ans 1:6).

Patient­ly bear with your­self. Give to the Lord all that annoys you. Do this qui­et­ly and peace­ful­ly. And do not expect things to change in a sin­gle day.

Think lit­tle and do much. If you are not care­ful, you will acquire so much knowl­edge that you will need anoth­er life­time to put it all into prac­tice. There is dan­ger in think­ing that you are per­fect sim­ply because you under­stand what it would be like to be per­fect. All your beau­ti­ful the­o­ries do not help you die to your­self. Knowl­edge nour­ish­es the life of Adam in you because you secret­ly delight in your rev­e­la­tion. Nev­er trust your own pow­er or your own knowl­edge. Be hum­ble. Do not trust your old nature.

Tak­en from The Seek­ing Heart, pub­lished 1992 by The SeedSowers.

Pho­to Cred­it: IZAN­BAR

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