Help car­ry for­ward Richard Fos­ter’s vision by mak­ing a gift to Ren­o­varé in your will. 

Many Chris­tians reach a point in their faith jour­ney where they feel stuck. They long for a deep­er life with God, gen­uine char­ac­ter trans­for­ma­tion, and authen­tic spir­i­tu­al friend­ships. They want a way to inte­grate their every­day life with their spir­i­tu­al life.

Ren­o­varé exists to help meet this need.

I remem­ber a turn­ing point in my own jour­ney many years ago. Richard Fos­ter dropped by my tiny office in the UK where I was a young and inex­pe­ri­enced book edi­tor. Hold­ing his hands far apart, Richard explained how many Chris­tians think of their life with God as sep­a­rat­ed from the rest of life — work, social issues, culture. 

Richard went on:​“Now I real­ize that the tru­ly spir­i­tu­al per­son, if they are to do what Jesus did” — and here he brought his hands togeth­er and inter­laced his fin­gers — would see how close­ly they could com­bine these two appar­ent­ly dis­tinct worlds.” 

Right then I was pre­sent­ed with a chal­lenge that would con­sume the rest of my life. This con­ver­sa­tion, fol­lowed by many more expe­ri­ences with the Ren­o­varé com­mu­ni­ty, showed me how to access an ever more inte­grat­ed life with God. 

Ren­o­varé has much more work to do in help­ing peo­ple be formed into the image of Jesus and expe­ri­ence a joy­ful rela­tion­ship with him.

Your gift ensures that Ren­o­varé by God’s grace can con­tin­ue this work for many years to come.

James Catford

James Cat­ford
Ren­o­varé Min­istry Team Mem­ber and Past Board Chair

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