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A six-session video course for discovering a deeper, more transformative life with God.

Designed for individuals and groups.

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Includes videos + facilitator guide + participant handouts

About this Online Course

This six-part course from Renovaré presents big questions to help you on the journey of Christian Spiritual Formation—the process of growing in freedom and wholeness and becoming more like Jesus from the inside out.

For those new to the ideas of spiritual formation—or those looking for helpful language to share formational ideas with others—this course is a good place to start.

Free For Individuals and Groups

Thanks to generous donors, this online course is completely free. You are welcome to go through the course on your own. Or, gather a group to watch, discuss, share, and practice together. After all, community is where spiritual growth happens best. 

A facilitator guide and participant handouts are included. They're designed to be easy to use and easy on ink and toner—feel free to print as many as you need. 

There are no special requirements to facilitate this course—just a desire to go deeper with God and an open heart to listen to others. Our hope is that the course helps people move beyond information and into a richer, more transformative friendship with Jesus. 

Main Sessions

Six 15-minute videos presented by Carolyn Arends cover the following big questions in a down-to-earth way.

  • What is Spiritual Formation?
  • What is My Picture of God?
  • What is My Picture of Myself?
  • What is My Picture of the Gospel?
  • How Do People Change?
  • How Do I Follow Jesus?

Podcast Conversations

In addition to the main session videos, this course includes podcast conversations about each of the six big questions with different Renovaré Ministry Team members, including...

Learning Objectives

From the Inside Out is intended to help people...

  • Develop an understanding of Christian Spiritual Formation, the lifelong process by which Christlikeness is established in the depths of our being.
  • Learn how our picture of God, self, and the gospel shape how we think and live.
  • Grow in friendship with God through simple formational practices.

About the Instructor

About Renovaré

Founded by Celebration of Discipline author Richard J. Foster, Renovaré is a Christian nonprofit that exists to help people go deeper with God, find authentic spiritual friendship with others, and become more like Jesus from the inside out.

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