Thank you for applying for the job of Renovaré President. You have been selected to provide additional information.

To assist our ongoing discernment, we ask that you please provide the following via the online form link at the bottom of this page:

  • A Word or PDF document with written answers to five (5) questions 
  • A link to a video of you answering three (3) questions
  • A Word or PDF document with contact information for three references: personal, ministry colleague or supervisor, workplace. Include full name, relationship to you, email address, and phone number.

Questions for Written and Video Responses

From the eight questions below, choose five to answer in a written response of 500 words or less each (2500 words or less total). Please put all five answers in a single document. Please do include the question above each answer.

Answer the remaining three questions in a single video of five minutes or less each (15 minutes or less total). A smartphone recording is fine. 

  1. How did you come to know Jesus and in what concrete ways has your relationship deepened over time in ways that would be observable by others?
  2. How do you define and personally engage in various practices of Christian Spiritual Formation and how have these specifically changed your walk with God and others?
  3. Imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop reading a Bible. Someone approaches you and says, When you look at the world, how can you believe that stuff?” How would you respond? Please address both style (how) and content (what).
  4. What do you perceive are the most likely challenges and opportunities (three or more of each) Renovaré may anticipate in the next few years and what are your initial thoughts about how to address them?
  5. We recognize that effective leaders have different gifts and styles. What gift or talent has enabled you to lead effectively? What kinds of comments do you regularly hear people say about your leadership competencies and style?
  6. Share a story about your accountability structures and experience of Christian community. In what ways have you participated in building community?
  7. How do you go about obtaining feedback about yourself, your performance, and your style? Give an example of how healthy feedback significantly changed the way you behave.
  8. What mechanisms do you have in place to manage work-life balance, and to renew and refresh? Besides work, what other commitments do you prioritize and how?

We appreciate your attention to providing these materials as soon as possible and ask your prayers as together we pursue the Lord’s choice for our next president. 

Submit written answers, video answers, and contact information for 3 references here.

Video Instructions

Here is the easiest way for iPhone and Android users to share a video via a link:

  • iPhone: record the video with the built in Camera, then from the Photos app choose the video, then tap the share icon (box with arrow pointing up) and choose Copy iCloud Link.”
  • Android: record the video with the built in Camera, then in your Photos app (it may be galled Gallery” or Google Photos,” long-press on the video, then choose Create Link” or Link Sharing”

You can also upload your video to any service that provides a sharing link, such as Dropbox, Google Drive,, or Youtube (choose unlisted”).