What is a Renovaré “Life in the Kingdom” conference or retreat?

Renovaré partners with local churches and organizations to offer “Life in the Kingdom” gatherings. Participants learn essential elements of living as Christ’s apprentices in the kingdom of God. We integrate teaching, conversation, small-group interaction, and worship. By God’s grace, what emerges is a time of insight and encouragement for those who desire to see their faith refreshed, their awareness awakened, and their spiritual formation deepened.

Renovaré gatherings are also the perfect launching pad for starting small groups (we call them spiritual formation groups) that will support people in vibrant kingdom living.

What are the formats?

Renovaré Conferences are typically held at a church, often for a Friday night and all day Saturday. The schedule is usually quite full with instructional sessions, worship, and attendee interactions. Conference events are particularly effective when the host site forms a co-sponsoring group with other neighboring churches and organizations. Not only does a collaborative effort help ensure the success of the event, it often unites and even transforms the local faith community in the process.

Renovaré Retreats are often held “away” somewhere (although they can take place at a church). Gatherings vary in duration and may take place over a weekend or during the week. Renovaré retreats are thematically similar to conferences, but with more time built in for small groups, as well as more space created for individual silence, solitude, and prayer.

Who are the speakers?

As the host for the gathering in your area, you may select the speakers (pending availability) that best complement your goals and audience. You can learn more about our ministry team members here. Available speakers and worship leaders include: 

  • Carolyn Arends
  • Lacy Borgo
  • Jon Bailey
  • Margaret Campbell
  • James Catford
  • Linda Christians
  • Mimi Dixon
  • Marti Ensign
  • Nathan Foster
  • Emilie Griffin
  • Chris Hall
  • Brian Morykon
  • Kai Nilsen
  • Richella Parham
  • Juanita Rasmus
  • George Skramstad
  • Donn Thomas
  • James Bryan Smith
  • Siang Yang Tan

What are the Costs?

A major part of hosting the conference or retreat is to plan well for the associated costs. Please review the estimated expenses carefully with your steering committee: 

Where Do I Begin?

A “Life in the Kingdom” conference or retreat gives you an exceptional opportunity to nurture intentional Christian spiritual formation in your community. We have developed everything you need for the event to be a transforming experience. Fill out the form below to get started, or call us with any questions: 303-745-1223.

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