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Traveling Unfamiliar Pathways

by Renovaré Team

Would you join us in slowing down enough to be drawn into the Christmas story in a new way? Can we place ourselves into the position of Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the shepherds, or the angels? What might we learn? How will we respond? What do we do or say after encountering the story in this way? Is the Lord asking something of us we had not considered? What is our response to the wonder and mystery of the Incarnation?

Several writers from the Renovaré community contribute thoughtful reflections to this devotional, which centers on the ways in which we, like Mary and Joseph, may find ourselves traveling unchartered territories in our lives. There is a longer weekly devotional for each Sunday in Advent, and then twelve shorter, daily entries to guide readers through the period from Christmas Eve to Epiphany. 

With space provided for the reader to document personal responses and prayers, this book will serve as both a map and a travel diary for anyone who wishes to make the most of their journey through the season.