Today we’re very excited to share some Renovaré family news with you. Jane Willard, a beloved, long-time member of the Renovaré community, has formally agreed to join our ministry team (a group of folks who have an abiding relationship with Renovaré and share our vision at both Renovaré-specific events and in their own ministries and vocations.)

With Jane’s installation to the ministry team we are making explicit a relationship that has been implicitly important to the work of Renovaré for a very long time. Please join us in celebration, and keep Jane and the entire Renovaré Ministry Team in your prayers.

Here’s what our board chair, Jon Bailey, has to say about Jane’s installation:

For over 25 years, Jane, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), worked with adults who had experienced childhood trauma, utilizing what she termed “imagery prayer.” She has presented several papers on the topic at conferences for Christian therapists. Currently Jane is a certified spiritual director. She has led groups through the 30-week Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and, with joy and gratitude, meets with directees via Skype and in her home in Chatsworth, CA where she and her husband Dallas lived for most of their 57 years of marriage. Jane, her daughter Becky Heatley, and the family work with publishers and organizations to continue Dallas’s message of “living in the Kingdom now.”

Recently, Jane’s gracious care has been felt in The Renovaré Institute, where she is serving as a spiritual director. She has a tender heart and a strong spirit. Her passion for spiritual direction is contagious and blessing many. The work she is doing is a wonderful example of how God continues to bless the ongoing work of Renovaré, and I am thrilled to welcome her to the team.

In Hearing God, Dallas Willard dedicates the book to Jane, and with just a few short lines sums up how we all feel:

“Sweet lady, good solider, faithful companion on the way.”

Nathan Foster, our director of community life, adds:

We are so excited to welcome Jane into this role formally. Jane has been a faithful member of the Renovaré community since its inception. Jane brings so much in the person she is–kind, humble, gentle, down-to-earth. She quietly embodies a deep fire. 

And here’s what Jane herself has to say:

I have been attending the Renovaré board and ministry team retreats with Dallas since Richard Foster founded the organization in 1988.  Richard had the spouses of all the board members attend the weekend retreats—wasn’t that a great plan?

I have valued the purpose of Renovaré and loved its family of board and team members all these years. I am very grateful to be welcomed as a team member alongside this group of long-time friends, as together we practice friendship with the triune God.

We’re glad you’re here!

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