Today we’re pleased to introduce you to Joe Davis—a Baptist minister, a speaker and advocate for Renovaré Britain and Ireland, a Renovaré Institute alumnus, and a video creator. Joe has put together a series of seven short, engaging videos designed to introduce the uninitiated to the six great streams of the Christian tradition … and to the invitations each stream holds for transformation in Jesus.

Watch the Spiritual Formation Balanced Life Video Series. 

We asked Joe if he’d share the backstory on how these videos came to be—we hope you enjoy our conversation with him as much as we did!

Renovaré: Joe, we know you’re a graduate of the Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation, and that each student in the program is required to complete a final project that helps them pass on what they’ve learned to others. Can we safely assume these videos are part of your Institute project? 

Joe: Yes, you are right, the videos are a part of my final project, which had two parts. The first part was to design a four-week course, which I did … and handed in on time! This was called “An Introduction to Life in the Kingdom.” I’ve led several churches through that material now and it’s been humbling and amazing to see God at work as I have presented a combination of Dallas Willard’s and Richard Foster’s teaching.

But the second part of my project (which was definitely not handed in on time!) was to use the teaching of the Institute program in popular culture. My focus as a Baptist minister has always been more outside the church than inside. It became clear to me that so many of my non-church-going friends were not interested in hearing about Jesus, church, or anything to do with “institutional religion”—yet all of them were interested in having life in all its fullness.  They wanted to know how to be less anxious, less stressed and more full of peace. They wanted to know how to make their relationships work.

These videos are a first tentative step towards sharing some teachings and practices of Jesus with this wider audience.  

Renovaré: The videos are certainly friendly and relatable! Did you have a particular demographic in mind while you were creating them?

Joe: I guess I had my kids’ university friends in mind as a target audience when I produced the clips, but I hope they work with all ages.

Renovaré: You did such a great job getting some of the essentials of each stream into a three-minute clip. How did you decide what to focus on?

Joe: Well, it occurred to me that perhaps we need to take the focus off of “conversion” and more onto “discipleship.” No one really wants to be converted, but everyone wants a life that works! The Renovaré Institute ignited my passion to disciple people, and I began to realize I can work towards that without necessarily telling them that that’s what I’m doing. I just want to get the teaching of Jesus to them in a way that is fresh and understandable, because the teachings of Jesus actually work! 

As people start training in the way of Jesus, I try and remind them of the vital role of grace. Most often this becomes the best time to talk about Jesus and the ‘with God’ life with them.

Watch the entire video series HERE.

Individual Videos:

Starting Your Spiritual Journey

The Contemplative Tradition - Embracing Silence

The Holiness Tradition - Living with Integrity

The Social Justice Tradition - Serving Others

The Charismatic Tradition - Recharging your Batteries

The Evangelical Tradition - Let’s Talk About It

The Incarnational Tradition - Everyday Life

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