We were careening down the junk aisle looking for green silly string. We had the green wig, the green tights, the green dress- but we were looking for something goopy. Somehow we needed to turn a five year old human kid into a booger. We only have two rules for participation in Halloween trick or treating- we must create our costume, and what we create must be good or beautiful. WELL, so the rationalization goes… “Boogers are good, especially when they are frozen.” Who can argue with that logic? And for this reason we found ourselves in a frantic search for green silly string. As we round the corner we found the most horrifying sight, not ghost or goblins, but Christmas decorations!

“It’s not Christmas,” my eldest protested. “We haven’t waited enough.”

Seasons! As part of creation, human beings function best when we live in the seasons. Ask anyone trying the plant tomatoes in winter, seasons matter.  In order to live we must live in step with the seasons. The church has seasons too. These seasons are marked by the life of Jesus.

The seasons follow a pattern of preparation, celebration, and then living out what we have prepared for and celebrated. In Advent we prepare for God with us, at Christmastide we celebrate God with us, and during Epiphany we step into a life with God. In Lent we prepare for our own death and the death of Jesus, at Eastertide we celebrate that he died, is risen and us with him; then during Pentecost and Kingdomtide (often called Ordinary Time) we live out his resurrection and ours. We are meant to live seasonal. Who can feast all the time without becoming a glutton? Some would say this is a major problem in the US- too much feast, not enough fasting. Who can fast or mourn all the time without losing their mind? When our days loose the gift of thankfulness and celebration we become a depressed and dying people.

As the physical seasons set the rhythm of the earth, so the church seasons can set our rhythm to the rhythm of Christ.  The beginning of our church year is almost here.  It begins Sunday in fact, and it is the season of Advent.  In the next few weeks we will explore ways to live as a family IN the season, not before it or after it, but IN it.

Won’t you join me?

And FYI, this mother does not endorse hosing a kid down with silly string… the cleanup required a Hazmat suit and a gas mask.

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