Dear Friend,

I’m thrilled to announce the addition of James Catford to the Renovaré Board of Trustees.

James Catford was formerly Bible Society’s Group Chief Executive. He has a background in commercial book publishing having been publishing director at both HodderHeadline and HarperCollins. His past non-executive roles include vice-Chair of Renovaré, chair of Renovaré Britain & Ireland and vice-chair of Amity Printing Company, Nanjing. He is married to Sue, and they live in central London.

James has been a blessing to me personally. The strength of his wisdom is matched by his gentleness. He exudes the with-God life and is a tremendous addition to the Renovaré Board. James Catford is a wonderful example of how God continues to bless the ongoing work of Renovaré and I am excited to welcome him to the team.

Seek the kingdom,

Jon Bailey
Board Chair

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