Editor's note:

Today we’re excited to share three important things with you related to the Renovaré Institute, our two-year school of Christian spiritual formation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Institute, participants study at home (reading, journaling, and participating in exercises, online discussions and assignments), and then meet twice a year for intense (and often transformative) week-long residencies.

The first thing we want to share is that the application deadline for our 2016-2018 Boston cohort is April 1st. The program itself begins in the fall, but you’ll want to act fast to apply if you feel God leading you in that direction.

Our second piece of news is that we can officially announce that the host location for our 2017-2019 cohort is … drum roll, please … SEATTLE, WASHINGTON.  Applications have just opened for the Seattle cohort, and will remain open until April 1, 2017.

The final thing we want to share is a reflection on the Renovaré Institute experience from an Institute alum, Zane Creamer. Since graduating from the RI, Zane has gone on to further graduate studies in spiritual direction at Richmont Graduate University, and she will be soon joining us as a faculty member at an upcoming RI residency in Dallas.  We think you’ll enjoy learning more about the Renovaré Institute from someone who’s been there.

—Carolyn Arends
Director of Education, Renovaré

Since the beginning of my RI cohort in July 2011, my world has become very different. I still live in the same place and have the same people in my life. But an understanding of the beauty, goodness, grace and love of God has freshly colored my life. I have experienced community like never before and been given a hunger to recreate it with others at home, at church and in service. The weeks of residency with RI were opportunities to live as my  “best self”…no household chores or irritating distractions around…and I was able to truly practice what living the “with-God” life is all about.

Having been away from an academic world for a couple of decades, there were some intense times of “buckling down” to get the reading and writing done. I had to say “no” to other good things. Often impatient, I wanted transformation NOW!

Happily, two years out from the Institute, I realize that I have a lifetime (and eternity!) to both enjoy and pursue the Renovaré Institute objectives. The content is concentrated and a lot went over my head. And, at my age, I’ve forgotten a bunch, too! But God is faithful to take what remains, enliven it to me in a way I can grasp, and draw me ever deeper into rich, intimate communion with the Trinity. Could there be anything better?

Now Underway: The 2018-19 Renovaré Book Club

How do we read for transformation, not just information? First, choose books that stir the soul and have an enduring quality. Then read with God and others at an unhurried pace, attentive to what the Holy Spirit wants to teach. The Renovaré Book Club is designed for transformative reading. It runs October 2018—May 2019.

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