Recently, we previewed the 2016 Hawaii: Global Spiritual Formation Conference, organized by a team led by Renovaré Korea’s Brian Kang and set to feature Renovaré USA’s own Richard Foster, Chris Hall, and Nathan Foster. The goal, as articulated by the event organizers, was to “hold a gathering where two endpoints meet: East meets West. By understanding our unification through Christ, we can share His blessings with one another as we listen to God’s word through our speakers of both East and West. In all of this, as we overcome our different cultures and backgrounds, God will reveal a union not only between brothers and sisters in Christ, but also a union of us as His children.”

Today, we’re happy to share Brian Kang’s summary of what took place—as well as some of his favorite photographs!

— Renovaré Team

From August 1 - 4, 2016, in Aiea, Hawaii, we hosted a spiritual formation conference under the title of “East and West United in Love.” Richard Foster, Philip Yancey, Loren Cunningham and a host of other speakers—representing South Korea and the United States—attended this event. God’s living and gracious hands manifested through these speakers and participants. Many church leaders and Christians who struggled with issues in their lives personally experienced the healing work of Christ. Reconciliation between leaders and churches developed during our time here. Struggles and pains were shared with one another. Although the event recently came to a close, so many of our participants expressed their desires to have this conference again next year. We praise God for this incredible work of the Holy Spirit. 

— Brian Kang

Aiea Methodist Church hosted the conference.

A packed house for the opening presentation.

Brian Kang and Chris Hall spoke from the heart.
Richard Foster took the stage as one of many featured speakers from the U.S. and South Korea.

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