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Richard Foster’s book Streams of Living Water is the gift that keeps on giving. 

In the first week of July, Renovaré’s Carolyn Arends and Chris Hall teamed up to teach a graduate course on the Streams at Regent College in British Columbia. 

Carolyn also oversees the Renovaré Institute, where we have reworked the second year of our two year program to explore Christian Spiritual Formation in the context of each of the Six Streams.

Readers across the world continue to find their faith deepened when they encounter the fullness of the six great traditions as lived out not only in Church communities, but, as Richard shows, in the life of Christ. 

Now, readers in the UK will have a new opportunity to engage with this modern Christian classic. A new edition of Streams of Living Water will be released in Great Britain by Hodder & Stoughton on September 7, 2017. Renovaré’s own James Catford (who also serves with the British expression of Renovaré) shares some of his thoughts about this publication with us below.

Sweet Streams!

—Renovaré Team

From Hodder & Stoughton:

In this landmark work, Richard Foster examines the ‘streams of living water’—the six dimensions of faith and practice—that have defined Christian tradition around the world and down the centuries. In this inspiring book he looks at:

the Contemplative tradition - or the prayer-filled life 
the Holiness tradition - or the virtuous life
the Charismatic tradition - or the Spirit-empowered life
the Social Justice tradition - or the compassionate life
the Evangelical tradition - or the word-centred life
the Incarnational tradition - or the sacramental life

Foster’s celebration of the spiritual life incorporates history’s most significant Christian figures and movements and argues for a rich, well-rounded faith, free of constricting labels.

From James Catford:

Followers of Christ crave intimacy with him. Surprising to many, the answer to our deepest longing can be found in the great traditions of the ancient Christian Church. Contemplative, holiness, charismatic, evangelical, social justice and incarnational - if they fall within the boundaries of Scripture, why can’t we have them all? In Streams of Living Water, Richard Foster shows through real historical examples that the greatest treasure we have is below our feet, the people of the past who can introduce us to the Jesus of today.

My own experience of the Bible was that it drove me, quite literally, to tears. It was almost unbearable to open it. Not because I didn’t necessarily believe it, but because I could access the deeper life that it described. Through Streams of Living Water and the work of Renovaré that it inspired, I found a deeper intimacy of Jesus that took me from a tough career in commercial publishing to leading the Bible Society in Britain, and beyond. That’s quite a transformation.  

Have a story about your first (or latest) encounter with Streams of Living Water? Let us know at [email protected]. Thanks!

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