Yes, Lent is coming… Yes, I have the King’s Cake ready for Fat Tuesday… But right now, today, it’s Epiphany (or Ordinary Time) none the less, it’s not Lent yet.  I’m learning to live in today… this day. Because I’m a planner. We love to engage in tomorrow, always tomorrow, because tomorrow can be neatly arranged. Today has reality smeared all over it like jelly on my clean counter tops. So here goes, a post about now… today…

On the last day of Christmastide, the last gift of the season was opened… a whoopee cushion. I have daughters, two of them, ages 8 and 11 and just like boys, girls think bodily functions are funny! We are a family that loves to laugh and a whoopee cushion is just the thing for us.

During Epiphany we continue the light. The light that Jesus brought into the world, the light that the Magi took back to their communities, we continue to light the world around us. And for us that light often comes in the form of laughter.

I watched as my husband, Doug, carefully concealed the cushion in my eldest daughter’s desk chair. The next morning she plopped herself down in the chair, to reluctantly start her school day, and then roared laughing. We all laughed, and helped her find a suitable spot to return the favor.  Doug works shift work and often comes home after the girls are in bed. Tonight he “found” Aidan’s hiding spot and we laughed together, releasing the tension of the day.

As we have hosted guests throughout this light filled season, we have included them in the joke and inviting them to play along. Our favorite missionaries home on furlough, family friends, our neighbor who has cancer laughed himself silly.

My father in law just spent the weekend here and each and every sound was blamed on the dog. Hysterically funny.

Ok, so this is juvenile. My great Aunt would say inappropriate behavior. But I’m going to go with the Incarnation. Jesus has a body and sometimes bodies are funny.

Laughter is a wonderful gift that bonds us together. As families we all share private jokes. And now as a family we have a whole host of jokes about the year Epiphany included a whoopee cushion.

What about you? What are the jokes your family likes to tell?

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