Posted December 29, 2013

Things got a little slap happy in the Borgo home this week. We’ve now completed our first week of Christmas vacation and I have to admit if I hear one more person argue I may slap Santa Clause myself.

Here’s the scene.  We usually don’t have much technology around the house. I’m a Birkenstock wearing, folk music loving, Jesus follower who uses technology because someone makes me. But I love him anyway and we’ve been married eighteen years so it’s working for us.

Gradually though we’ve been exposing our children to technology in the form of games (like the ever stupid Fruit Ninja), ebooks, and school use.  This Christmas there has been lots of game playing. Hours of it in fact.  And while admittedly, the house is quieter at some points, when the machine is turned off the arguments and fights seem worse. What gives?

In this blog post I have more questions than answers. After briefly searching the internet and finding little of worth (meaning sane) I have decided to blog about it and seek out knowledge and wisdom from those who may be living this as well.

I suppose I have to publicly admit, I’m no gamer. I don’t understand the thrill or desire. My attempt to lay that aside, only makes me more aware of grabbing it. However even my husband who is a gamer himself, has noticed the kids don’t get along as well after they’ve had extended technology time. What gives?

By the way, they are not playing Grand Theft Auto or the like, more like benign digital plotless manipulatives.

Is there something in the act of loosing touch with the real world that causes temporary amnesia for getting along with others?

Is social loving and being so utterly foreign that without consistent practice it leaves us altogether?

And what about technology itself? There has been some research about the addictive qualities. Is our reaction to the loss of it an addictive response?

Please understand, I get it. I know that in our modern world my lovelies have to learn to use it and manage it. But how?

And if I’m right and too much of it leads to a decrease in how we love one another, we’re going to have to talk more about this.

What do you think?

Do your children use technology, and to what extent? In the next week, pay attention, what do you notice, (since you’ve got them home for a bit) does their behavior change?

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