It’s a small farm. You might call it a farm-ette, maybe a farmcita, or a farm-itchka.  Anyway it’s small. A few goats, a few chickens, and a family garden.  Summer is a super busy time, watering, weeding, and working. Fall is also busy, picking, putting up, and preparation for winter. And winter… well, we take our cues from the bears, we nap.

But Spring, Ah Spring- Spring is bursting. Baby goats are jockeying for birth position. We daily measure mama goat bellies and place our bets on the number of babies.  As the magic number of 145 days draws near we begin to notice the blades of grass poking out from the earth.  A few tiny crocuses have survived the constant pounding of children and dogs, and they proudly open for the sun. Rhubarb has gotten the jump on the strawberry pie, and all is good in the world.

Children, mine and the ones who wander over, constantly race to the goat field to check the south end of a north bound goat, looking for the much anticipated, but ever gruesome sight of “bursting.” What happens when these children find what they are looking for? Celebration, delight, bliss, and three, yes triplets, fuzzy bundles of pure playfulness.

Eastertide is here, and there is life everywhere. Eastertide is a total celebration of life, and convenient for us it occurs in the springtime, when life is bursting forth.  It’s a time when we can see, and feel light triumph over darkness.

Ways to Celebrate the “Burstings”

  • Ask around, find a farm you can visit and play with the baby animals. Talk with your children about God the Creator of life, and goodness. Talk about the resurrection of the earth from winter’s death.
  • When you’re in the car, invite children to help you look for signs of life.
  • Fill your house with flowers. Let the children water the flowers, explain how they are participating in giving life to the flowers. Talk about the ways we can give life to living things, human, animal and plants.
  • Add this to your bedtime ritual: Engage children in a reflection of their day. Ask: Where did you see light today? Where did you see darkness? Where did you bring light today? Where did you bring darkness? Confess where you (adult) brought light and darkness today? Ask your children to pray for you, and then you pray for them.

Starting Soon: The 2018-19 Renovaré Book Club

How do we read for transformation, not just information? Choose books that stir the soul and have an enduring quality. Then read with God and others at an unhurried pace, attentive to what the Holy Spirit wants to teach. The Renovaré Book Club is designed for transformative reading. It runs October 2018—May 2019.

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