Brian Morykon is Renovaré’s web designer, a gifted writer, and a thoughtful member of our ministry team. He is also a very fine musician. This week he released Flame of Love, a four-song collection of rootsy and riveting music. Today we’re pleased to share an interview with Brian and the opportunity to listen to the new songs. Enjoy!

How and why was Flame of Love recorded?

First a little backstory. 

Recording my first album The Smallest Seed was life-changing. With the help of my gracious producer I learned how to let go of control. We recorded it the old way, the hard way, with all the musicians playing together in the same room. Many recordings are about constructing a perfect sound from a bunch of disconnected parts. That record was about brother and sisters, hearts connected, having a musical moment with God and letting the tape roll. Lots of instrumentation was added afterward but the core started as this heart moment. It ruined me for recording any other way.

After that album music took a backseat while I focused on family and making a living doing web design. Sitting at a computer is a comfortable place for me—there’s CTRL-Z to undo and the results are predictable. The Holy Spirit though was nudging me that I was neglecting the music gift he had put in me. 

Part of me feared the next record wouldn’t be as good as the first. God showed me that didn’t matter. My work is to bless God and others through exercising my gift. Be faithful with the next step, leave the results to Him.

So I called a few of my favorite musicians, ones whose hearts I connect with, and asked if they’d do an album with me. I wanted to know them better, so we met over a few weeks and talked and prayed and practiced—a spiritual formation group of sorts.

A handful of friends gathered in my buddy Mike’s living room, upstairs from his studio, and we hit record. Again, the idea was to start with a live moment from the heart. Later strings were added, other things polished, and then mixed down into something worth listening to. 

Which song means the most to you and why?

The title track, “Flame of Love”. The chorus lyric is: I’m gonna let my heart be touched / Press in towards the flame of love / Let it burn what keeps me from joy.

One of the most important words in Scripture is let. 

Let the peace of Christ rule your heart…
Let not your heart be troubled…
Let this mind be in you. 

“Let” means permission, allowing something or someone to have its way. God wants to commune with and transform us, but all of human history shows us that he won’t do so in us without our permission. “I stand at the door and knock,” the Master says to us. The spiritual disciplines help us open that door to Jesus.

“Letting” can be painful because sin is like a deeply attached tick. It’s challenging to sit still before God and have it burned off. What brings us to—and keeps us in—that vulnerable place is the gentleness of the One holding the flame, or rather who is the flame, and the joy that awaits us when we’re free.

What do you hope people receive from this music?

Charismatic circles have a term I’ve come to like: soaking. The idea is to sit in the presence of the Lord through the means of music and come out a little more saturated with God’s heart. I hope people are able to soak with this album.

Anything else you want to share?

Don’t neglect the gift God has put in you. Doing so can lead to introspection and depression. Don’t despise small beginnings, or small middles or endings for that matter. Take the opportunities God gives you to bless others with what you’ve been given.

Is there a way people can connect with the music and with you?

The digital release is available for download on iTunes or directly at

Currently our family lives and travels full-time in an RV. We’d love to connect with people along the way to share music and be with God together. Could be a house concert (think potluck with music afterward), church service, etc. Drop a line to [email protected]

[You can hear the entire new project in the player below.]

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Photo credit: Justin Mower.