Posted July 19, 2013 

I just returned from four glorious days of retreat. As is very typical for me God often speaks through nature. I mean that we are having a conversation and just to make sure I get it, nature will draw me a concrete picture of what the Spirit is teaching me.

When I was a little girl we lived in Moab, Utah. Every fall we would head into the La Sal Mountains and cut wood for the winter. Since this was the ‘70s and my parents were young, I was allowed to wander. I would wander off into the nearest outcropping of Aspen trees. My usually ritual was to lie down in these Aspens and look up at their golden leaves sparkling in the fall sunshine. I joined them in worship.

Aspens grow in little groups. The mother Aspen will send out a sucker (The irony is laughable.) that will push itself up through the surface of the earth and become another tree. According the Bryce Canyon website, “a stand of aspen is really only one huge organism where the main life force is underground.” Thus Aspens form little families and they are all connected underground. Their health is undeniably connected to each other.

This evening my twelve year old were talking about reading the Bible. She said it was hard for her to want to read anymore, because she knows all the stories. Who can blame her? Many Christians don’t get past the point of knowing the stories so well and now at twelve what’s she to do?

I thought back to those Aspens and how her health and mine are connected. I thought about Susanna Wesley and how she would spend time with each of her children, helping them grow into their relationship with God. Maybe now is the time, with focused intention, to introduce her to the other bible Christians have been reading for centuries to learn about God and his kingdom.  It’s time to take her on my morning walks and teach her to listen.

In what ways are you sharing your trust in God with children? We want to learn from you.

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