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Today, we’d like to let you know about an upcoming writers retreat in Newberg, OR. Led by a team of nine authors, including Renovaré’s own Richard Foster and Nathan Foster, this promises to be rich time of growth and encouragement for Christian writers. Come and have your creative spirit refreshed!

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From the Camp Tilikum website:

Letting the Light In: Writing for the Growth of the Soul

Writers Retreat – November 10-12, 2017

In today’s world, film is the medium with the greatest impact; the internet is the most wide spread; but the written word has the greatest precision and permanence and can have enormous influence on our world. Today, writers of Christian conviction need our support and encouragement. They need the vision to wrestle honestly with the complexities of the human condition and the skills to articulate those realities in ways that are crisp and imaginative. The 2017 Christian Writers Retreat is the first annual retreat of its kind at Tilikum and brings together a broad spectrum of Christian writers and speakers. The retreat provides expertise in relevant topics and offers one-on-one mentoring.

This retreat is sponsored by: RenovaréBarclay Press and Camp Tilikum.

Lodge Housing and Commuters

Tilikum offers overnight accommodations for 40 guests in the Lodge (usually 2 per room with a private bath). There is also space for 8 commuter guests. The registration page has two links, one for overnight guests ($350) and the other for commuters ($150) if registered by September 10, 2017.

Click here to Register for the Writers Retreat

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