Have you noticed anything different on the renovare.org website over the past few weeks? The very observant among you may be wondering about our new logo, the fourth Renovaré mark in our nearly 30-year history. We thought we’d share with you a bit of the story about how it came to be.

The leadership at Renovaré had sensed for a while that it was time to update or refresh the logo. Brian Morykon, who oversees all things digital for Renovaré, was tasked with taking the lead in finding and guiding a designer through the creation of a new mark that would have strong continuity with our past, while expressing renewed vision for our present and future.

 “Renovaré promotes the beauty available in various Christian traditions, which we identify as six streams,” Brian wrote in his creative brief. “We imagine a mark that incorporates these six streams, while if possible paying homage to the Trinity symbol (as we have in two previous marks). The logo should be sturdy and classic, weighty without being too serious. Something that conveys what C.S. Lewis calls ‘the serious business of joy.’”

Designer Josiah Jost, of Siah Design rose enthusiastically to the challenge, exploring several possible directions. When two final concepts—a circle logo inspired by familiar icons for the Trinity and a stream-inspired “R” monogram logo—were presented to the Renovaré ministry team, the circle mark was the unanimous favorite. Our founder, Richard Foster, expressed the group sentiment succinctly, “The circle icon maintains the liturgical emphasis upon the Trinity, while the ‘R’ icon give emphasis to an organization. Hence, I would favor the circle icon.” 

And so we are happy to share with you a new Renovaré logo that feels at once familiar and fresh. The mark maintains the Trinity symbol while adding a sense of renewal, energy and life. Six lines symbolize the six streams of the church flowing together in the unity of the eternal Trinity. The surrounding circle alludes to God’s life spreading to all corners of the globe. And the green—as with all previous Renovaré logos—hints at the real possibility of fruitfulness and growth in the lives of all who say yes to life with the Triune God.

The Renovaré Institute has a new look, too!

Starting Soon: The 2018-19 Renovaré Book Club

How do we read for transformation, not just information? Choose books that stir the soul and have an enduring quality. Then read with God and others at an unhurried pace, attentive to what the Holy Spirit wants to teach. The Renovaré Book Club is designed for transformative reading. It runs October 2018—May 2019.

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