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Every so often here at Renovaré HQ West, we wonder if, perhaps, we post G.K. Chesterton pieces a little too often. Then we remember: it is impossible to have too much GKC out in the world. So, we laugh and find another piece to share. Luckily, that blessed man has left such an abundant legacy we’ll be able to visit with him far into the distant future.

As you can imagine, one of our favorite Advent devotionals is Advent & Christmas Wisdom from G.K. Chesterton. It was compiled by The Center for the Study of C.S. Lewis and Friends, and features as one of the editors none other than beloved Podcast guest and upcoming Renovaré Book Club facilitator (The Screwtape Letters) Robert Moore-Jumonville—which goes, of course, to show that there are fewer than six degrees of separation between anyone at Renovaré and GKC. (Chesterton himself might point out that he has certain attributes that lend themselves well to a gravitational pull.)  


—Renovaré Team

Excerpt from Advent and Christmas Wisdom from G.K. Chesterton

Day 13: Trading Mirth for Madness

You cannot be too solemn about golf to be a good golfer; you can be a great deal too solemn about Christianity to be a good Christian. You may put into your neckties solemnity, and nothing but solemnity, because neckties are not the whole of your life—at least, I hope not. But in anything that does cover the whole of your life—in your philosophy and your religion—you must have mirth. If you do not have mirth, you will certainly have madness.
Lunacy and Letters

Day 23: What It’s All About

People are losing the power to enjoy Christmas though identifying it with enjoyment. When once they lose sight of the old suggestion that it is all about something, they naturally fall into blank pauses of wondering what it is all about. To be told to rejoice on Christmas day is reasonable and intelligible, if you understand the name, or even look at the word. To be told to rejoice on the twenty-fifth of December is like being told to rejoice at quarter-past eleven on Thursday week. You cannot suddenly be frivolous unless you believe there is a serious reason for being frivolous.
“The New War on Christmas,” G.K.’s Weekly, December 26, 1925, quoted in Brave New Family.

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